Saturday, February 24, 2007

Alissa & Eric: Engagement shoot

So I had the honor today of shooting Alissa & Eric's engagment pictures. They're getting married in August and Eric was out this way for a philosophy conference. They are HILARIOUS!! They have a certain energy that you can just feel, and you can see how much they are in love with each other! It really was a great honor to be there to capture them together, fingers and noses, jokes, stories, itchy collars... Alissa's sister & brother-in-law came too (Andrea & Brian), since the park was just down the street from them. Alissa & Andrea have such a strong sister relationship, and they are so cute together. And they're both talented to boot!!

We hit pretty much every inch of Clark Park, which was a great park!! And after frolicking around and playing on jungle gyms that were sweeter than the one's we ever had, we headed to downtown Fullerton. So many fun places to shoot down there, especially at night!

Thank you to Alissa, Eric, Andrea, Brian & Imogen for letting me tag along with you and capture the moments. I had a wonderful time and I can't wait for the wedding in August!!

Aloha & God bless!


Eric and Alissa said...

Thanks for making our "picture day" such a positive experience. You are such a blessing!