Friday, March 2, 2007

A GREAT night!!

So it's 10'ish on a Friday and Jess and I are doing a date night so to speak. She's been really tired lately, so we're hanging in the house after going to get some yogurt at Golden Spoon, and stopping by Cost Plus. Cost Plus as you all know (just go with it) sells IZZE in 4 pack bottles, so we picked up Pear and Clementine, along with a 16 oz Clementine. So tastey, seriously. And it's good for you, what a bonus!!

So while she naps... sorta, I'm sipping on our IZZE, listening to music (Cartel & Celtic... it's a C-kinda night I guess :D) and working on the engagement pictures for Alissa & Eric, honestly, it's a great night!! My amazing wife, pictures, an IZZE and my sleep pants... I love it!! And it's even better because I'm going through all of Alissa & Eric's pictures and just smiling. The faces they were making, Brian & Andrea, tree's, detours on the way to Chomp... I had an amazing time and it was great to be able to see just how much Alissa & Eric love each other, there are so many pictures that they are both just looking at each other, and you can just tell...

Well, I thought I'd post one more picture from A&E's shoot (I had to do it once... sorry guys). I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Aloha & God bless!!


Dane Sanders said...

cool blog! i love the disney engagement shots!!