Monday, March 19, 2007

PS: Expedition

So on Saturday, I decided to wake up early, let my wonderful wife sleep and go on a quick shoot at one of my favorite spots... I try to go here once a month or so, and it had been longer than that since I'd been back. The spot is along some train tracks and has two huge warehouses on either side, and provides 2 large canvases for urban artists to work their magic. I've said this before, but I'll say it again... I think public defacement of property is generally a bad idea, but the art that they do is amazing! Great use of colors and design, it's just awe inspiriting to me. Combine that with railroad tracks, which seem to be something all kids love, especially the boys, and it's just fun. These are a few shots from the day... If you're ever at Borders and want to see some truly amazing work, take a look at the book called "Graffiti World". Realist to abstract and everything in between, it truly is amazing! Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think!


sandie jo salisbury said...

these are wonderful! you have a great eye for this! I need to go hunting for a good graffiti site some time. you deffinanlty lit up their tagging and spotlighted it as art! I love the lock shot too.

Will Parris said...

Thanks Sandra! If you find any great spots, let me know, I would love to see it! There are a ton of great spots up in LA and on the way to LAX.