Friday, April 25, 2008


My big BiL is in town and we got to have dinner with him tonight, which is awesome! Man, let me tell you he loves the camera, he kept sayin' "Will, please , I want to be your photography subject, work your magic..."

I hope you're catching the sarcasm, cause I'm layin' it on thick!! Big brotha man hates the camera, but it's fun trying to grab some of him! I do have some and much to his chagrin, I will post them soon. I'm doing a family shoot tomorrow and a maternity session on Sunday, it's gonna be awesome!! I'm really excited about both, I love both the families, and they're just a blast to be around! So it's gonna be an awesome weekend, filled with oodles of rad pics! Be sure to check back for some fun stuff.

I'm also going to be taking it light on the blog postings for the next week or so, I have some projects that I need to get caught up on and devote some time to. So instead of my usual routine of blog then do work (usually after my fam goes to bed), I'm going to go straight into working... but it's fun, I can get some more ideas for images to update on the website (which needs an update WICKED bad!) and figure out some pictures for printing... blog post about that later.

Aloha all, have a wonderful weekend and may you all get some much needed rest!