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: H2DO

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Calamigos Ranch

I was actually a guest at a wedding, it was a nice change, but weird I’ll admit. But I was also a gues who happened to have a camera in case total awesomeness broke out. And boy did it break out, awesomeness everywhere!! The official photographers were from Jack Randall, and it was a lot of fun to just be there and roam. And by roaming, I mean far away from the officials, I didn't want to mess up any of their shots.

This was a pretty special wedding… You see, Jess went to a small high school. And I mean small as in no way big, there were not a lot of people, a vast number of desks there were not… her class was 8 people. 8, as in 8 is great, 8. So of course, she is close with her class. One of Jess’ best friends, Holli was getting married to a pretty rad guy named Huy, and he’s going to fit it with the mix just perfect!

Everything was absolutely beautiful and so much fun! Holli & Huy, or H2Do as they are known (much cooler than Brangelina) are absolutely perfect together, and not to mention, Huy’s a Trojan – Fight On brotha!

It was a beautiful day and it was great to be able to catch up with Holli, Huy, Stancie, Adam, Jeremy, Hillary & Kris – you guys rock!



Holli looked gorgeous of course…


I love the emotion in these next two between Holli & her sister, Charmaine, so beautiful!

Right before she step’s out, I love this series…


The ceremony site was gorgeous! A beautiful oak tree, light’s hanging down, green all around… beautiful!! This was taken with my soft focus lens, on a 1 setting, just a little blur…

Good looking people I tell you…

Huy’s gooood!

Love it!

Favorites number 1… They were done with the other photographers for about 5 minutes, so I asked if I could take a couple quick shots of them. I love this one, which Stancie stumbled upon, I love the reflections, so much fun!

So many locations, so little time…


I LOVE these next three, so delicious in every way! As it turns out, this place had a FERRIS WHEEL!! Bummer part, lights didn’t come on at night, but it was still perfect! The light, the location, the color and of course, amazing people! They were in the back of the line getting ready to go in, I asked them to just step back a little and just be… it was perfect!!

BONUS! There were two dresses, so of course, there has to be two of my shots. This was a beautiful Vietnamese dress that was made for Holli, it was so stunning!

The class – for the most part…

Of course, the getaway car… an H2 – awesome!!


Here’s why I wish the lights were on… but no worries, a little flash, iso maxed out, all good!

Stancie & Adam

Hillary & Jeremy


Anonymous said...

Such great shots Will & oh what fun memories!!! Thanks for being so helpful & wonderful at the wedding :) And I must give Jess credit for the 'reflections' pic (it was really her idea).


jenny smith: said...

hey will! your shots are great! i think it's so much fun to see what others come up with from the same wedding. thanks for sharing and commenting on my blog. keep in touch! what is holli's blog??