Wednesday, July 16, 2008

: Happy Birthday Aud!!

My not so little sister's birthday is today and it's crazy how grown up she is now (and has been for a while). She is a wonderful woman (you know how hard that is for me to say...) and I'm proud to be her brother. She has a wonderful family a cute little son, Jarrett.

Happy birthday Aud, from your family in California - we love you!!

This is from her family shoot when she was out here a few months ago - you should see how big the J man is now - gigantor!


Anonymous said...

I know I got this a little belated but it came at just the right time! I really needed to read something like that today. I'm proud to be your sister! You, Jess and Charlie mean more to me than words can express!!!! Love and miss you all tons!