Thursday, August 7, 2008

: Free to Succeed tour


Tonight was AMAZING! If you have the chance to catch this tour, you MUST! Wonderful for photographers (seriously, it was a great kick in the butt!) and wonderful for non photog's too! I asked Jess to go with me tonight, her first adventure into my crazy photography world. She was really... excited? But by the end of the night, she was genuinely excited, and was as in awe of the speakers as I was. And I must admit, I have a Photo Disorder, something my wife diagnosed in me a while ago, but I couldn't accept it until I heard it from them (hence the reason, I'm an idiot, I even put that in my notes...)

The speakers you ask... the one and only David Jay and of course, Jasmine Star. They brought home a lot of things I needed to hear, branding, pricing, workflow (holla!) and more importantly, YOU! So, these next few months are going to be hectic, but it's time to implement some changes based on all the AMAZING information gleamed from tonight! I'm excited for the changes in mind and can't wait to share them all with you, but for now, a few images from tonight...

I'd like to point out that in this picture, yours truly is smiling big and cheesy. I realized after I took the picture, I'm was smiling for nothing. I told Jess, she laughed, and that's why I love her (one of the countless ways of course ;) )

The people of the hour, David Jay & Jasmine Star. If you don't know their work, you owe it to yourself to check it out, they are so gifted!!! And they are absolutely wonderful people, and that doesn't even come close to doing them justice.

Jasmine is style & class, and a fan of shoes...

David Jay is style & class, and a software/marketing/everything genius...

Again, this is such a great place to be, so seek it out people, photog or not, absolutely worth every dime and worth every minute of your time!

A personal thank you to DJ, Jasmine, Shyla and all involved, thank you for making my vision clearer and for giving so much to the photography community. Aloha & mahalo to you all!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Will, Thought I'd holla at cha! Great sitting next to you guys last night at the seminar. I see you must have loved the Star Wars reference by Jasmine! LOL Love your work! Keep on, keepin' on!

sandie jo salisbury said...

i am too busy! i wanted to be there! totally heard that really loud holla on the workflow! um right!

Jasmine said...

it was great seeing you, will! i think you're just plain fabulous! :)