Friday, October 17, 2008

: Friends

Dow - 04, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Mission Viejo

Kristin & Joel came out to California recently and we got to meet up with them & the Powell family for an all to short dinner. Ashley, Jess & Kristin were friends in college and since I was with Jess a lot of the time, we became friends as well. Kristin is hilarious, I'm really bummed we didn't have a sharpie available - that would have been AWESOME!! But it was so wonderful to hang out with both everybody, such a blessing!

So before dinner and after I drove speedily to meet them from the day job, we took some pictures of the kids and just messin' around. I would like you all to note our lovely little daughter (the one in the light pink), can be seen in most of these pictures giving us her new look. Which I'm not gonna lie, I think is hilarious! Either way though, here's a few quick pics of the kids, the girls & the fun!

More pictures with the Powells will be coming as we're doing a family shoot on November 8th in the morning with them. So if anyone is interested, give me a holler and we'll get you all scheduled (looks like it will be a beach setting - sweet!)

We had so much fun, if only we could fold space & time so Texas was closer to California... I'll get working on that, sure I can cook something up in the lab

Joel, Kristin & Cameron - it was so great to see you guys!! Much aloha!!

Dow - 01

Sorry Kristin, couldn't resist.

Dow - 02

The look returns

Dow - 03

Still there... maybe the girls just don't trust those boys... :)

Dow - 05

That's my little girl!

Dow - 07

So awesome!

Dow - 08

So sweet!

Dow - 09


Dow - 10

Dow - 11

She's so adorable!

Dow - 12

Stay tuned, we have a couple more from that day that I want to post up, but I've started this whole post about 2 hours ago & keep nodding off... way tired! Plus, my beautiful wife is passed out on the couch next to me, this is our normal routine, but I think the bed would be much more comfortable - peace out peeps!


Anonymous said...

Will, you are so talented! Thanks for taking these photos for us.

jen said...

sharpie dance!!!!

really fun to see these! its so easy to see each parent in the kids.