Thursday, October 23, 2008

: Vegas

Vegas - 16, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.


Viva my friends, viva! We went out almost two weeks ago to Las Vegas to celebrate our cousin Alex's 21st party. It was a lot of fun, we had Gary, Meg, Alex (of course), Grant, Danielle, Jess, Charlie, Lisa & myself and we went all over Vegas.

Alex had his first adult beverage, a mai tai (yeah!) but unfortunately, he got a big sip of dark rum and dark rum only... But we were able to turn that bad taste around with PF Changs & a drink I can't pronounce. It was basically a drink we had in Belize and is basically light rum, sugar & a lime... so good and Alex agreed :)

We had a blast, it was so great to see Gary, Meg & Alex again, we didn't hit it big on anything, but we still had a blast! Mahalo all, Alex, you're the man!!

This is the man!
Vegas - 17

Straight dark rum
Vegas - 18

Another tasty drink
Vegas - 06

The fam
Vegas - 12

Of course, some gambling. This new form of slots is crazy, there are like 30 different options to hit... way too much. I tried a Star Wars one, had no idea what I was doing and lost big - $1.
Vegas - 24

getting carded
Vegas - 26

Charlie's hair the first morning... awesome!
Vegas - 03

My girl 1...
Vegas - 04

My girl 2...
Vegas - 08

Lisa finally getting her bloody mary
Vegas - 05

Notice the teeth... scary!
Vegas - 23

From our hotel, the Planet Hollywood (great by the way!) They had a Trader Vic's, and for those who don't know, they are the originator of the Mai Tai. It was gooooood!!
Vegas - 13

Last one, Charlie was eager to walk everywhere that weekend...
Vegas - 15

We love you guys, thank you again for an amazing & uber fun weekend!! Alex, I'll send you some more drinks to try out, they'll be good - promise ;)



Sarah said...

I like the one of charlie, and then someone holding a 'Paris' bag in the background... nice work!!