Saturday, November 22, 2008

: Fires this past weekend

Fires - 1, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

As many of you know, there were some fires in Orange County this past weekend. It was pretty surreal to be this close and to actually start to have to figure out, if things go south, what are we grabbing before we go.

We went to a friends football game at Chapman (which was a blast!) and before we left, we packed up the hard drives and grabbed our wedding pictures and left with them in the car... just in case.

This also happened to be the day of the first Family shoot in the park, which of course was rescheduled.

Our prayers are with those who suffered losses during the fires.

Fires - 3

Sunset that first day at our friends the Taylor's (who were close to being evacuated).

Fires - 4

Sunrise on Sunday

Fires - 5

This is the view in Brea, by Octopus (such awesome Sushi!), right behind me - beautiful blue sky

Fires - 2


sandie jo salisbury said...

just realized that first shot is from your porch!! wow.. that is pretty scary. so glad your area was alright.