Monday, December 1, 2008

: Pankow Family

Family - 15, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Laguna Beach

Last up and certainly not least, the Pankow Family! The whole fam was a blast, all 3 generations, amazing and uber fun!! Again, we started out a little away from the water, just in case craziness broke out :) Let the fun begin...

The immediate Pankow family

Family - 16

Not sure exactly what was said here, but it worked... love the laughter

Family - 17

beautiful families all day long, so great!

Family - 18

The one and only, Jon & Sheree... love you guys & love this shot

Family - 19

how can you not smile

Family - 20


Family - 21

it's a rule, 6 or more, must jump. it's science

Family - 23

Family - 24

mahalo all!

Family - 25


sandie jo salisbury said...

3 generations is pretty fun!!! especially on a beach! thesea re all so beautiful!! YOu are so great with family shoots!!!