Tuesday, May 19, 2009

: Salisbury Family

Salisbury Fam - 04, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Glendora, CA

I had the pleasure of shooting some family portraits for my friend and amazing photographer, Sandra Salisbury of Sandra Salisbury Photography, and it was a blast! She did a shoot of our family since Charlie's growing up so fast and since I happen to have some free time on my hands :)

**update** Our pics are up on Sandie's blog - freakin' A - so awesome!! Check out the wink, hehehe! Check it out!! http://sandrasalisbury.wordpress.com

Sandie, Alex, Susie & Zach are awesome and of course, with kids being kids - always in motion - it was a blast!! As you look through here, see if you can spot the young one who loves to turn it on for the camera... Sandie's done a great job at getting someone ready for the camera :)

And now - the fun, the amazing, the wonderful and always entertaining - SALISBURY FAMILY!!!

Salisbury Fam - 01

Salisbury Fam - 02

Salisbury Fam - 03

Salisbury Fam - 04

Salisbury Fam - 05

Love this!

Salisbury Fam - 06

Salisbury Fam - 07

Salisbury Fam - 08

Susie decided to try and open up a can on her dad - little did she know, he was a ninja master, capable of stopping roundhouse kicks. Mid-air. She fought valiantly though :)

Salisbury Fam - 09

Salisbury Fam - 10

And in honor of the Hubble repair - a recreation of drinking water in space. Granted, there's gravity here, but still...

Salisbury Fam - 11

I love this one too, can't help but love when kids laugh :)

Salisbury Fam - 12

Another favorite :)

Salisbury Fam - 13

Mahalo Alex, Sandie, Susie & Zach, you guy's were so much fun and absolutely amazing!! Much aloha!!


Anonymous said...

I'M in LOVe with your pictures!!!!!!! you made us look way way cuter than we are in real life! THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

man oh man!! i cant stop looking at that running shot! it is so fun to look at pictures of my sweet family and know it was so much fun taking them! Thank you again!

ohana photographers said...

super fun shoot!!! my fav is the 2nd to last shot and the second shot with that semi boo boo lip awesome!! great capture of this beautiful fam will!!

Auntie Em said...

Great job Will! Sandie is right, you made them look way cuter then they really are!! just messin! I do love all the pics, especially the one of them running and the 5th one down very nice! you rock!

Danielle said...

Love the water one! :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE the mother/daughter one!!!

Will Parris said...

Thanks all! Sandie & the whole fam are so awesome and even more beautiful / handsome in real life! :) It was an absolutely pleasure and dinner ruled!!

Mrs. Bond said...

Will - I'm a huge fan of Sandra and her work, and I've always thought no one could capture her family like she captures others'. But YOU DID IT! And totally did her justice. Awesome work! Kudos.