Monday, June 8, 2009

: Ashley & Rui's engagement session

Ashley & Rui-18, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Orange County, CA

This is Ashley & Rui everyone, and they loooooooove each other! We've known Ashley now for 4 years, ever since her days back at the ol' HIU. Now she's all graduated and working full time and falling deeply in love with Rui. This amazing couple is set to get married next year, so we decided to head and take some engagement shots - at an abandoned building - awwwwesome!!! I was looking for a way inside, but I love what we got there and then at the park on Bastanchury & State College...

less typing, more picture linking...

Ashley & Rui-01

Ashley & Rui-02

One of my faves

Ashley & Rui-03

Ashley & Rui-04

Ashley & Rui-06

Another favorite

Ashley & Rui-05

Train track time!

Ashley & Rui-10

Ashley & Rui-11

Ashley & Rui-09

Love it!

Ashley & Rui-08

Little known fact: Rui can become Super Rui, think Hulk but less mean & green. This is a little example

Ashley & Rui-12

Time for the park. Rui would sit here and look over Brea in thought for an hour. Another reason he's awesome

Ashley & Rui-13

A house divided, I of course have my preference... ;)

Ashley & Rui-14

Ashley & Rui-15

Ashley & Rui-16

Ashley & Rui-17

Love it!

Ashley & Rui-18

If they were superheroes, their name would be the Duo Hot-o... I'll have to talk to Stan Lee for names, but you get it, they're HOT!

Ashley & Rui-19

Our love goes out to you and your families, your love for them is inspiring!! Much aloha!

Ashley & Rui-20


ohana photographers said...

lovin the poloroids!! super rui = hilarious!

Sarah said...

very nice! I love her shoes :)