Saturday, August 22, 2009

: Jana & Nate's engagement session

Jana & Nate - 05, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Corona Del Mar

My apologies to the residents of Corona Del Mar. Due to the extreme heat of Jana & Nate, the beach is no longer a beach. It is now glass. But hey, good news is it's still beautiful! So sorry, but they can't help it, they were born with it.

Not only do they have model good looks, but they're wicked smart & freakin' funny. That equals win, win & yes - win.

Jana & Nate, mahalo for the ride down, great conversations and all around awesomeness!! Stoked for September!!

Jana & Nate - 01

Not quite the spot for the first kiss, but close enough

Jana & Nate - 04

One of my faves (as featured in the new website!)

Jana & Nate - 06

Jana & Nate - 07

Jana & Nate - 08

Jana & Nate - 11

Umm, yes please! Another favorite

Jana & Nate - 13

Jana & Nate - 14

Jana & Nate - 17

Jana & Nate - 19

"Can we go on the Life Guard tower?" Absolutely, I'm always down :) Another favorite

Jana & Nate - 20

Jana & Nate - 21

Another favorite - so much fun

Jana & Nate - 22

Yup, another favorite

Jana & Nate - 23

This is the "listening to Zeppelin" look or the "move over Bond" look or the "cute & cuddly" look. It's like choose your own adventure. Well done Nate!

Jana & Nate - 27

Jana & Nate - 29

Jana & Nate - 30

Jana & Nate - 36

Jana & Nate - 38

Seriously loved the whole shoot, you two rocked it!! It was a blast!! And Claro's on any day except Wednesday, I'm down!


MathieuPhoto said...

Great Shots! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Lindsey Bohn said...

Hey! I just wanted to tell you that you did an absolutely amazing job with my sister's engagement photos! Not that she's hard to work with, but I've never seen her look so amazingly natural and in love in pictures before! I hope you stick around for when it's my turn to get married! Thank you again for doing such an incredible job. I know that the pictures are the most important part to her.

ohana photographers - david and kimi said...

another day in paradise is right! great lookin couple and rockin shots will!