Friday, August 14, 2009

: Just because

Random - 23, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.


This is a just because post, because it's been too long since I've had a Charlie pic up and it was kinda fun doing this series.

My hair is getting pretty long (for me). Besides the bowl haircut when I was a little blonde kiddo, I've always had the short haircut. So i've been letting it grow out and do it's thing for a bit now. It likes to party!

it's natural wet state, which when dried looks like Luke in A New Hope in the Binary Sunset scene...

Random - 19

Get down!

Random - 20

Random - 21

Thank you Orange County - good night!

Random - 22

This was the look on Charlies face when I was done...

Already used to the shenanigans, whatabust!

Now to return to the processing of hot people, uber hot wedding & an uber hot engagement session - it's midnight & there's a heat wave comin' through! Aloooooooha!! wp


Angela said...

that is capital H ilarious! I love charlie's expression.. so funny