Tuesday, September 22, 2009

: Casi & Ryan's engagement session

RyanCasi 024, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

La Verne, CA

This is Casi & Ryan, they're pretty much rock stars, but not the rollin' 30 deep entourage type. They're the sign all the autographs / take pictures and then roll out to the local burger joint to hang out and catch up type rock stars. So what I'm sayin' is they're phenomenal people and I got to hang with phenomenal people on Sunday in La Verne. Almost a bust because the spot that Ryan found was awesome, only problem was the gates were locked :)

But I think we rocked it despite the locked gates! So I give you the guitar playing & singing duo of Casi & Ryan, as heard and photographed in La Verne.

Commence awesome...

hehe, love it!

RyanCasi 005

RyanCasi 007

RyanCasi 008

RyanCasi 015

RyanCasi 019

one of my favorites

RyanCasi 024

and another

RyanCasi 026

Casi is German for "bringer of it". partially true story...

RyanCasi 029

RyanCasi 031

to see some the highlights & general frivolity that ensued, please click ::HERE:: to see the slideshow!