Saturday, March 27, 2010

: Presley Hope Johnson

Presley 009, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.
March 18th, 2010
Meridian, ID

This is my niece, Presley Hope. I was lucky enough to be here when PJ was born, and while she is a wee early & a wee 5 pounder, she's a fighter which isn't a surprise at all. She, momma (my sister) and the whole family were back home from the hospital in 3 days. Jarrett is adjusting wonderfully to having a new little sister, constantly offering her one of his Cars toys, touching her hand, kissing her, saying good morning to her ("Good morning Press, how are you", it's awesome to hear & watch him interact with her).

And now, the newest addition to the Parris & Johnson family, Presley Hope.

Presley 004

Presley 005

Presley 007

Presley 008

my turn to hold her :)
Presley 014

Mommo lovin' every second
Presley 015

just in case the fact she had a bandage on wasn't clear enough, they had to write it :)
Presley 016

The little man is 2. He has an awesome vocabulary. And is a pick up artist. No joke, he made eyes at all the female's at the Hospital. He evidently has a thing for blondes & doctors. This isn't the one, but he did hug a female Dr (or nurse, I forget) from behind. She got a little "hello" right in the tush. He just smiled.
Presley 017

Presley 018

Presley 025

Presley 026

Presley 028

Presley 032

Presley 034

Presley 035

Presley 036

Daddad. We have to make him hold the kids, he did the same with Charlie & ditto with Jarrett. He's worried he'll hurt 'em, which I understand, but he can't say no if you put them in his arms.
Presley 038

And my lil' nephew rockin' his "boonda" hat. Any guesses why it's called that? Go on, try... If your guess involved the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, then bingo! That's Jarrett speak for his Chef Hat.
Presley 039

Welcome to the family Presley, we all love you very much!


sandie said...

awesome!!!! love them all :)