Thursday, September 8, 2011

: Random Caffeine

Random Caffeine 090811 004, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

This is my little dinosaur.  She does a mean T-Rex. All pics are from a visit to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

We watched this video about 19 times last night, we loved every viewing Cats Songified
We also enjoyed this song about 9.5 times Nyan

Enjoying Givers right now, amazing album start to finish.

Zombie escape plan. how would it change if the zombies were cyborgs? Movie potential is high, hit me up Hollywood :) ....HOLY CRAP! Zombie Cyborg Dinosaurs! If that doesn't have Syfy written all over it... well, then it wouldn't have it written all over it, but come on, sandwiched between Sharktopus & Dinocroc

Hooray for non sequitur! Aloha!

...cue Jurassic Park theme song...
this ends poorly for one side
Random Caffeine 090811 001

Shadows are fun
Random Caffeine 090811 002
Crest envy
Random Caffeine 090811 003

Pose courtesy of my girl. This is one of about 9. She's a ham. I'm beyond proud. I love you sweetheart!
Random Caffeine 090811 005

guest appearance by me
Random Caffeine 090811 007

insert Jurassic Park ending theme
Random Caffeine 090811 006