Friday, November 11, 2011

: Random Caffeine 11.11.11

01 RC 11.11.11 001, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

These are my favorite pair of Sanuks , they are filled with awesomeness & perfect for all occasions. I get all warm & tingly wearing them. I <3 them! If you haven't tried a pair, do yourself a favor & get down to Downtown Disney & go to the Sanuk store or hunt them down. Amazeballs!

The rest of the pics are of my girl being her. awesome. she is a ham & makes the best faces. "Daddy, I love you!" she's ridiculously good at wrapping me around her finger. Dancing around the house like crazy people to Phineas & Ferb "jpop", doodling, talking about robots, dinosaurs, looking up at "o'brian", which is what Charlie calls Orion,  or making up stories. love her. 

01 RC 11.11.11 002

01 RC 11.11.11 003

my little model.
01 RC 11.11.11 004


Candy said...

Your little girl is lovely.