Friday, March 23, 2007

Heather & Jacob: Engagement shoot

I had the distinct pleasure of going out to Riverside today to shoot the engagement pictures for Heather & Jacob, and it was so much fun! We started the day out at the church where they met in Rialto (Sunrise Church) and shot quite a few there on the playground, the softball field where they met and Jacob was oh so smooth with his technique... Let me just say, pouring water / ice on a girl your interested in before your first date - GENIUS!

Heather is a student at UCR, so we went to the campus and took some shots around campus, near a GINORMOUS clock tower, archways and in the library. And the library was fun too, a little too quiet (shocking I know) but it was a lot of fun in there!!

It was great to see the two love birds just being themselves and enjoying each others company! They were really great together and so funny! There are a few great shots of them just hamming it up for the camera. Pulling off the GQ look with the sunglasses, singing tv showtunes and playing celebrity... it was a lot of fun and educational too! I did learn one thing that's very important though. If you're shooting in Riverside on a nice, sunny day... bring sunscreen! Woops! My arms are toast, but the toasting was well worth it!!

Heather & Jacob, thank you so much for letting me shoot the pictures today, I had a wonderful time and the pictures look great!! I can't wait for you to see them! Until then, enjoy the preview...

Have a wonderful weekend & God bless!