Friday, July 20, 2007

A little update...

Hi all!

Just wanted to give you an update, Mom & Charlotte are doing great! Jess is off her IV's and is walking around, sore, but I'm pretty certain that's to be expected :) Jess even got to hold the little sweetheart today too! She is continuing to recover and will hopefully get a little more rest now. It was so wonderful to see Jess comforting Charlotte when she was getting shots, or just telling her she loved her... she's such a great Mom already, and Charlotte is one lucky girl to have her as a Mom!

Speaking of Charlotte, girl has some lungs on her! She was moved from the mask breathing apparatus to the little nose hose (fun to say) tonight when we were there. It's so nice to see her beautiful little face without the mask on... She doesn't like shots, who does though, and she lets the nurses know about it. Very opinionated and feisty, absolutely our little girl! She is doing very well though, and all the nurses are taking great care of her. She's eating, which is great, and we are praying it will continue. I'll have some pictures up of the crazy time leading up to the c-section, moments after and then from the first two days shortly... but things are a bit nutty!

For those who don't know, we just got back from a wonderful week in Maui (so pretty!) so I have pictures from then to put up. But this week was supposed to be dedicated to packing as we bought a house in La Habra! So... VBS, Maui, Charlie, moving, all in a pretty quick time frame. I'll have pictures of the new house (that was my big news, trumped by the most beautiful little girl) soon, but we're moving in on Saturday and Sunday.

I also really want to thank everyone too for their prayers, comments, emails, text's, phone calls... everything! We have an amazing support system that just went to it, my head is still spinning with the recent events, but there has been an amazing team of people who are helping out and have come through so huge for us in support and love! I just want to thank all of you for your help from the bottom of our hearts, Jess, Charlie and I are so blessed by your friendship! We love you all and thank you again for all your prayers and support and help.

I'm going to get some sleep, after I clean the computer area a bit that is :) 1 am already... time is flying entirely too fast... Seriously, we love you all and be sure to keep checking back for an update on our most precious little addition. I think I get to hold her tomorrow, very exciting!! Oh, and she does have my ears, I'm sure it will be said sooner or later, so I'll try and beat people to the punch, but my ears are about as big as Charlotte's... and I love it!! :D Good night all, and thanks again from the Parris family!

Aloha & God bless,

Jess, Charlotte and Will


jen said...

long hair will help with the ears :)

Anonymous said...

you are all in our prayers!!! congrats though! we are so proud of you two (now three?)!

Amelia . Lyon said...

Will, I just found out about all of this craziness from Matt and Angie Sloan....I can't believe have a beautiful baby girl! I am sooooooo thankful to hear that all is going well with your sweet wife and new little Charlotte (what a cute name!). We'll keep you, your wife and Charlotte in our prayers too! I'll be checking back for updates...what a strong little girl you have on your hands! Congratulations!