Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prayers for the family

We have been in the hospital since yesterday, and i'm blogging from my charging phone. Jess' water broke yesterday morning, which ideally would have happened in 3 months, not now. As much as Jess hates it, it looks to be an incompetent cervix, so when we have the next trouble maker, she can get stitched (sounds like a hoot) and then we should be able to avoid this situation next time.

But the good news is that Mom and Pip are doing well, we just need prayer that Pip stays in as long as possible (they're hoping for 6 weeks, which will be rough) and prayer for Jess not to go stir crazy and be as comfortable as possible.

i have the camera now and will be working on some past projects and documenting this crazy journey as much as i can while still supporting my beautiful wife and our little one to be, who's cute as a button and as stubborn as us. That's going to be a good thing right now, it'll just be rough down the line... and we're looking forward to it with great expectations! :)

aloha to all and thanks for the prayers, i'll keep everyone updated on the status of the family.


sandie jo salisbury said...

Good luck to you in the coming weeks!!! I will keep the 3 of you in my thoughts.