Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Recent Favorites...

Aloha all! I got a great email this morning - which I was able to read tonight - (mahalo for the email by the way!) asking for some recent favorites of Charlie, and of course, I would be so happy to help out! These are some of my favorites and make an appearance in the slideshow. They are from this weekend when my older brother (who looks SO MUCH like Dad) stopped by. Jess, as always looks so beautiful and just perfect holding our little girl. I really am so lucky to have these two amazing gifts in my life! So here it is, favorite pictures of my girls!

The last two is of Charlie going to town on her pacifier, she had a good little grip on it, we were both so proud of her!

Check out the eye brow on Charlie... SO CUTE!


Unknown said...

It has been so crazy that I haven't been here in awhile. I can't believe I've been missing pictures and news!!!

She looks great, you guys!

sandie jo salisbury said...

look at all that hair! Jess looks really happy holding her daughter! Your right that pacifier shot at the end is TOO cute!

Dawn Coleman said...

Hi There! Thanks for the comment on our blog - I hope that was ok to link to yours!! I really love your photography style, I need to pick your brain for tips because I am just starting out in learning how to use my new camera. We would love it if you could do some family photos for us sometime (Samara turns 1 in a month!) but I know you have so much on your plate right now! So maybe when life eases up for ya!?
We are praying for you guys and little Charlotte. This has got to be the most emotionally trying time EVER.
I have something to drop off for her too, what is the best way to get ahold of you guys during the day?? Hopefully you got our gift a few weeks back? Please let me know if you didn't.
You're in our prayers!