Tuesday, December 11, 2007

PS: Pankow Family

This Saturday was filled with beautiful people, starting out with Jess and Charlie in the morning (so great to wake up to) and then our friends Jon & Sheree for a family shoot at Craig Park. It was so much fun, Jon & Sheree are two absolutely amazing people, funny as all get out, and as you can see, good looking to boot! And Hailey, oh my, she is such a crack up, cheesing it for the camera and running from 50 yards away when her brother might be getting his picture taken so she an be in it too. We had a blast playing in the leaves, trying to throw the leaves (I have HORRIBLE aim!) and just walking around the park, going down the slide "one more time" and falling down in the grass. Thanks Jon & Sheree, it was such an honor to capture you all on Saturday! Here's a wee preview of the awesomeness that took place on that wonderful day...