Monday, November 26, 2007

Parris Family pictures

Hello all, I know I have been slacking HUGELY on the posting of Charlie pics, and I thought I would pass along a great link to help with your "fix" :D

Our friend and amazing photographer Sandra Salisbury (click her name to visit her blog) came over and took some family pictures for us this weekend, for which I am extremely grateful! She did an amazing job and has a wonderful slideshow on her blog that you really must check out! Please visit her blog, check out her post (which was extremely sweet, thank you Sandie!) and see how our little girl has grown in almost 4 months.

No longer the 2 and half pounder, she's almost into double digits! 9 and probably by now, a little over 8 ounces. And she did her first giggle / laugh yesterday, I wish I could play that sound for everyone, but it was the sweetest little sound I've heard! And she's smiling so big now, that's our favorite past time right now, getting our baby girl to smile, just melts your heart and has put us even more around her little finger... if that's possible!

Thank you Sandie, our whole family thanks you, and that includes our family in Idaho, Utah, NorCal... everywhere! Mahalo nui loa from the bottom of our hearts!


sandie jo salisbury said...

The pleasure was all mine! You guys are the best!

Sarah said...

oh my goodness... i watched the slideshow on Sandra's blog... amazing! So many pictures that you have to frame and hang on your walls!!

Dawn Coleman said...

Great pics guys! Your cutie has really grown! Miss seeing y'all!