Monday, March 24, 2008

: Easter family shot

02 Charlie 032, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.
Easter was this Sunday and it was Charlie's first and we wanted it to be very special. Ahhh, hopes and dreams :) It was still very special, but not exactly what we had in mind. We woke up late (i.e. I hit snooze on my phone alarm to where it finally turned off) and then rushed around forgetting their corsages at home. The corsages were a wonderful tradition that I took over from Jess' Dad, Marty (You're the man Marty!). So we forgot that at home, getting things ready at the church was kinda nutty and then rushing (somewhat) home afterwards to prep Easter dinner was a bit crazy. Turns out the precooked ham has to be warmed for about 3 hours... dinner at 3 and we got home at 2... who knew!? So it was a lot of stress, not a lot of relaxing and enjoying.

With all that said however, it was still the most wonderful Easter. I have two amazing women in my life that are both GORGEOUS (seriously, so beautiful!) and funny, we had a pretty great service with the kids - we were in Kid Station on Sunday, and we had a wonderful evening with food and family!! We hung out and talked on the porch for a while, came inside and talked for a while, and just did community together - which was so wonderful! So thanks to all those that made it a wonderful Easter, I hope yours was just as special!

Happy belated Easter from the Parris Family to you all! Aloha & God Bless!

Our baby in her favorite new toy, the jumper...
02 Charlie 031

02 Charlie 030

02 Charlie 029

02 Charlie 027

I love her expression in this one!
02 Charlie 023


sandie jo salisbury said...

so cute! how do you get her to make that face everytime? I can see you being a goof ball 24/7! You have a beautiful family.

Kat said...

I love Jess's affinity for polka dots! Your women are absolutely beautiful.

Angela said...

I am glad she is making use of that excersaucer, it was just taking up space at our house :) she is getting so big and has so much expression. I love it.

Zach said...

she's rad bro.