Tuesday, March 4, 2008

: Goals for this year & more Ramblings

I have a few goals this year, and I figure might as well share some of them. For 2007, Jess and I had the goals of BBH, Business, Baby, House. We thought they would all be crazy dreams... who knew!?

So this year, for the business, my goals are to be a full time photographer, shoot destination weddings, especially in Maui or Europe (Paris anyone?), and continue to learn, experiment and shoot with as many people as I can! I do have a destination wedding coming up in June, the awesome and uber amazing couple of Katie & Wes!! Holla Elk Grove! A family friend did their engagement shots and I had the chance to meet up with them for a little when they were down here for the shoot. They are so awesome and I'm so extremely jazzed for their wedding! They know my BiL, Scott, which is always cool! I am so excited for that shoot - it's gonna rock for sure!! So Aloha to Katie & Wes!!

Of course there is always the personal goals of being the best husband and now father possible (top priority), managing our finances better (I really like shiny objects, no bueno), and strengthening my relationships friends. Jess has been so supportive of my dual role as photographer and accountant and I can't tell you how much I love her and how much of a support she is! I love you sweetheart, thank you for all your amazing help and more importantly, for loving me for me...

Speaking of strength, I need to hit the hay peeps, I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I am actually behind on a wedding post too, I had the distinct honor of being a second with Justin Lyon from Amelia Lyon Photography, so I'm going to try and get those up this week. The whole Lyon family - crazy talented and just all around great people!

And I am also going to work on a slideshow of the whole - "holy crap, Pip's coming early" craziness. It's so crazy to see how big Charlie is now compared... We're so happy to see her grow! And lastly, shout out to Jeff (of Autumn & Jeff, 12/31/07), he was in an accident in January that could have been really, REALLY bad. It was a hit and run, but I'm very happy to report the brotha man is fine, thankfully! Also, a dear friend from high school had her first child on the 4th @ 3 in the morning, so welcome to the world Alana Noelle, I'm glad to hear you and your mom are doing well!

Have a wonderful night all, aloha and mahalo!


Sarah said...

haha, you said 'your mom' at the very end of that post! ha!