Saturday, March 15, 2008

: Kirsty & Kyle...Surprise!!

So this afternoon was the big shindig I was really excited about... guesses?

I had the pleasure of shooting the actual proposal (a second for me, the first of course being my BiL, Grant)!! It was so much fun!! Kyle (a groomsman in Grant & Danielle's wedding) got engaged to his girlfriend (now fiance) Kirsty tonight and I had the pleasure of being there for it! It was such a blast, the light, the location, and of course, the people rocked!! It was a beautiful day in Dana Point as you can see...

I grabbed a couple quick pics of them at dinner, the awesome Chart House, hiding out inside with all the staff looking at me odd, trying to be stealth... turns out Kirsty recognized me... D'OH!


Kirsty: "Hey, isn't that Grant's brother in law..."
Kyle: "I don't know, I didn't get a good look. I think he works down this way though."
Waiter: "I think that guy just took a picture of you guys..."
Kyle: flashes the zip the lip look

But thankfully, she didn't think anything else of it! After a few minutes there, I bolted over to meet up with the good peeps setting up the romantic locale and to figure out where I was going to hide for the big question. It was such a beautiful day at the beach, seriously, could not have been more perfect!

Such a wonderfully beautiful day!





Me hiding on the perilous perch of death. Slight exaggeration, but it was pretty rough not feeling like I was about to fall to my death on the rocks below (it was only about 7 feet down... so worth it though!)

The moment Kirsty realized what was going on...


I'm pretty sure that means "absolutely, with all my heart yes"

I'm out from hiding now...

My favorite of the day... such great emotion!


love the tatoo!


Calling the parents :)

The amazing couple... and one of my favorites of the day, no post, just a little vignette... you guys rock!


Congratulations you two, and mahalo for letting me be there to capture it!!



Yvette Henderson said...

This is Kyle's mom, just wanted to say thank you for making me feel like I was there. The pictures are beautiful!!!

Will Parris said...

Thanks Yvette! I'm glad I could help!! You're son did a wonderful job!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!! What a treasure to have one of lifes most precious moments captured to save for all years to come.
Really, really beautiful work!!!

Many Many blessings to you Kyle and Kirsty!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Charlotte/friend of Yvette Henderson Mom)

Mary Beth said...

KIRSTY! Oh my gosh! Amazing! These pictures are great! I feel like I was there with you! haha! Perfect idea Kyle! Congrats, congrats, CONGRATS!!!! YAY!!! I am soooooooo happy for you!

Mary Beth O.

sandie jo salisbury said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2 palm trees in the back of them a few shots up there! You rock. This must have been a blast. great images, great post work! WOW you rock.. while hiding out on the rocks.. ha ha