Monday, April 14, 2008

: Bed time & 45 minutes

No real big post here, because as my beautiful wife is asleep on the couch (as is our usual routine) I need to go get her up and we need to go to bed, it's been a pretty long and draining day and weekend. And I say draining only because of the heat, holy cow has it been hot! My parents are down here, which is amazing and it's so wonderful to see them, but they mentioned tonight at dessert/dinner that Meridian (just outside of Boise, ID) was going to have a high of 54 tomorrow. Holy crap, I so wish for that at times, something other than heat wave, little rain, heat wave, little rain. I was hoping to get more use out of the fireplace this winter.

And the 45 minutes was the amount of time Charlie screamed her little head off before giving and going to sleep, at least her screaming/crying was like a song. Oh right, it wasn't... wow, that kid is stubborn - I'm sure both sets of grandparents can include many, MANY comments here :)

Oh well, I'm hoping to get some pics up of my mom & dad, and an awesome event I had the honor of shooting this weekend, Women Helping Women! I'll drop a link and whatnot later on, but look up the amazing work that Women Helping Women do, it's pretty amazing!

Until tomorrow folks, aloha and I hope your taxes are all done - Ang :)