Wednesday, April 16, 2008

: Mahalo!

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We had life group tonight and it was pretty great! Wonderful discussion, wonderful people and just a phenomenal chance to be in community people from our church!

Our church has gone through some changes & challenges in the last little bit, and I think that it has been for the good. Some of it has been painful, but I think those that are here are committed to the idea of the church. We're going through something that Jason created called the Jesus Conspiracy and it's pretty great! If you're interested, check out the YouTube video's that all the life groups (bible study groups) are watching and the transform notes on UP's website (

So to our life group, the hubs and everyone at UP - mahalo! The people make the church and for that reason, I think we have an absolutely wonderful church! We are people so we're not perfect, but I like that we're pretty open about it and honest, and hopefully that dialogue (or dialog, depending on preference of spelling) will continue and continue making UP great!

Time go take out my contacts, they're buggin' like nobody's business! And Mahalo Sarah, I've had Pandora going for the last few hours - so diggin' it! Good night party peeps!

Aloha & mahalo!


Sarah said...

you're very welcome my friend! :)