Friday, June 13, 2008

: Charlie's big day

So this is real quick because I'm heading to Sacramento tomorrow for a wedding on Saturday, and I'm going to get some images up from Adrian & Erin's wedding this last weekend - which rocked!

But I took a day off my day time job and Jess, Charlie and I went to DISNEYLAND! It was so much fun! The three of us got there a little early, 9'ish and spent the first few hours just wandering, taking pictures (shocking I know) and just enjoying being back in the park after a long hiatus! We rode Dumbo & Casey Jr before my big sis Lisa came and met us. We did Buzz, the Carousel, Toontown to see Mickey (my old stomping grounds), Tiki Room, Pirates, Pooh, then off to DCA for food & Turtle Talk with Crush.

I have quite a few pics to post later and some video, but I thought I would post this one first, our first family pic at the Land. It was such a great day and a HUGE thank you to my sister, it was a blast to have you with us today! We love you!!

Some of my favorite pics will come later on, I need to make sure I got everything set for this weekend, can't exactly run home to get something. Off to John Wayne for an 8am flight... yikes! And Flickr was having some issues uploading, so I used Jess' Shutterfly, hence the slight different in the picture size. Anyways...

Aloha all, I can't wait for you to see the rest of the Disneyland pictures and pictures from Katie & Wes' wedding this weekend - it's going to be sooooo awesome!! Lis', mahalo - it was a blast, Charlie, I hope you had fun, which I'm sure you did, and Sweetheart, I love you tremendously and will miss you terribly!

Gooooood night!