Friday, June 6, 2008

: PHun weekend!!

CharlieBlog003, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Alright party people, this weekend is going to be a fun for sure! Erin, Sandra's sister of Sandra Salisbury Photography is getting married this weekend and I get to be there to help out, so Sandra can actually be a part of it! Of course, she's still gonna have her camera, so that's going to be awesome!

And if you're wondering about the PHunky spelling, go with me on a journey won't you... it's called the Portrait House. It's an awesome organization that is making a positive impact in the local and global communities by taking on one project at a time. So after they finish the Habitat for Humanity project, then it's on to other's like Make A Wish, Thirst Relief and others. I saw that and knew I wanted to be associated with it, since it is so in line with my Mission.

So I'm going to pick out a weekend and we'll do a portrait session, with all proceeds going to Portrait House. If you're in the area and were thinking, I'd love some family pics or headshots for Facebook / MySpace / Blog or I have this rad costume I want pictures in - let's do it!

I'll get the date nailed down, but think last week in July. How much you ask? How much for some PHun, PHunky, PHreakin' Awesome pictures... the low, low price of $100, you get all your images and get to be out in the beautiful Southern California sun! And it's more of a $100 donation to Portrait House, I'm not going to keep any of the fee. So if you're interested, last weekend in July will be the likely date, I'll post the firm date soon.

And since it's been a while, some pic's of my beautiful wife and daughter...

The look on Charlie's face... "Serious business dad". And Jess and I both thought this one - secret agent with mad ninja skills. She does have lighting quick hands - HAAAAIIII!!! ...always watching...

This is when Marty & Diane were out (which was awesome!) and it was also the first night Charlie had mashed potatoes - she dug 'em! This was also the night she was throwing a fit and when I busted out the camera in her direction, she got all happy - love it!

My girls again :) A shame they don't have the same smile / pucker thing going on...

And finally, a family shot. Including the tail end of our newest member, El Pilot (temporary name). Newbie / Vader could be an old member too as a result of high gas prices. Filled up El Pilot today at Costco ($4.14, the cheapest by 20 cents), $65 bucks. Awesome. Didn't want some new 4 gb extreme III cards, 8 movie tickets to Regal/Edwards, any number of video games / dvd's / iTune downloads...

sorry, here's the pic, which is my phone wallpaper now. I am truly, truly blessed!

Aloha all, have a wonderful weekend!