Tuesday, June 24, 2008

: FamJam 2008

FJ08009, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Tomorrow is the start of Jess' largest project of the year, this is a family based, Vacation Bible School. It's a BLAST! And of course since it's the largest project of the year, it's a ton of work leading up to and the week of. This week will consist of all possible energy at night to get the kids into it (a Western theme, hence the cacti...) i'll have pictures throughout the week of the festivities.

But, if you're in the area, we'd love to have you. Hope International campus, 6pm start time (Tuesday, we suggest coming earlier to register), ends at 8:30 and this is for your family, so you and your kids get to come and just enjoy 4 different stations (1 including a wicked awesome snack) and a whole lot of fun by everyone.

So I hope to see all of you local blog readers tomorrow night, and if you do come, find me, I'll have my Canon around my neck, long ol' hair, and just bouncin' around, having a blast with all the kids!

Aloha all - or should I say... YEEEEEHA!!!

The below image made the magical cacti you see on stage be total awesomeness... Wait till you see the stage...