Thursday, June 26, 2008

: Tamila & Elina

EnT2012, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

I had to post this one real quick, there are plenty more to come… this is Tamila & Elina, whom I had the pleasure of capturing some time back. They’re starting to do a lot more gigs around the Southern California area, so we did some shots for them to use. Be sure to check out their MySpace and catch them if they’re near you, they sound so gooood!

If you haven’t picked up Elina’s self titled first album, be sure to head on over to iTunes and buy it, two of her wonderful songs are feature on my website if you'd like a preview. Tamila & Elina are some of the most wonderful and talented people and I know, and I am certain they will have much success with their music!

Mahalo to you both for being such great people to capture… As always, you were AMAZING!!!

A few quick previews…





Although I do think this is still my favorite…EnT2012

Mahalo nui loa!!


sandie jo salisbury said...

beautiful my friend.. very very nice love the sun and the red door! nice job you have going there P.S.!