Tuesday, October 7, 2008

: Charlie @ the Angel game

Charlie - Angels - 3, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

This is a quick little post of Charlie's first Angel's game - pre sucking it up and losing to the freakin' red sox... errr! But it was an absolute blast and Charlie had a wonderful time as did all the fam (both sets of parents, Lisa & Grant)!

Side note: We're going to be in Vegas this weekend (Friday afternoon through Sunday morning) if anyone's interested in an engagement shoot or family shoot, give me a holler!! I'd love to shoot out there!!

For now, enjoy the Charlie pics... so stinkin' cute!!

On the way to the game

Charlie - Angels - 0

Jess' parents, Marty & Diane (Grandpa & Grandma)

Charlie - Angels - 5

My parents, Bill & Linda (Daddad & Mommo)

Charlie - Angels - 4

We love these guys so much, I know they're our parents / in laws, but they are truly wonderful people!!

Now for my two favorite pics of the day... this is next in our series of Charlie...

Charlie - Angels - 1

I love the look on her face, so cuuuute!! We're in so much trouble...

Charlie - Angels - 2


sandie jo salisbury said...

have i told you---- that you and Jess have the cutest baby ever!!! look at that face!!! she is gonna rock your world! not that she hasn't all ready.....but just wait... it gets even better. I love the hat series. Genius!


gotta love those last 2!!!