Monday, November 10, 2008

: Powell Family

Powell Family - 01, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Mission Viejo

Yesterday, I had the delight of doing a family shoot for our friends, Ashley & Paul. You might remember them from our session last year (link here). It was an absolute blast as always, the kids are amazing and hilarious and of course, they get it from their parents! Ashley is also an amazing wedding planner / coordinator, her company is Agape Planning, so if you're looking for help on your big day, give her a call!!

To the entire Powell fam & cousin Brian, thanks for having me out, it was a blast!!


Powell Family - 02

Yes, the eye's are that amazing, and on entire family really, so rad!

Powell Family - 03

A Trojan & Red Sox family, we did the mighty Trojans last year, so this year is the Red Sox. Hard to take as an Angels fan, but that's how much we love these guys ;)

Powell Family - 04

Zack not doing...

Powell Family - 05

so adorable!! Ladies, you're in trouble with these two.

Powell Family - 06

Powell Family - 07

Rad family + amazing tree = Radimaztion. It's science

Powell Family - 08

Powell Family - 09

The payoff with Cousin B...

Powell Family - 10

Here's how we got the smiles going, LOVE it!

Powell Family - 11

And then a few shots of Riley in the birthday suit on a blanket. Oh blanket...

Powell Family - 12

Mahalo all, it was a blast!!