Tuesday, October 28, 2008

: CHOC Walk 2008

CHOC Walk - 2, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.


This last Sunday, Jess, Charlie, Lisa and I got up at 5am... ouch. But it was all worth it! This is something that will be a tradition for us from now on, going and doing the CHOC walk as a thank you to our Dr's at CHOC who helped give us the little miracle of our Charlotte Jean Parris. It was a great time, even though it was WAY too early :) I highly recommend it for all, and next year, we'll be doing a Team Charlie for all who'd like to walk with us. It does offer some opportunities for some amazing shots... so of course, you can't pass that up!

Here are just a few...

CHOC Walk - 6

CHOC Walk - 8

CHOC Walk - 7

Crossing the finish line at Downtown Disney right about the time Charlie had about enough and decided it was meltdown time. Woo. She did great though all day!

CHOC Walk - 9

And then of course, I wanted to do a few more of her Castle pics, minus the hat. I love her smile in these!

CHOC Walk - 3

CHOC Walk - 4


Anonymous said...

What great photos Will! I love them. You can certianly consider Brian and I for Teach Charile next year. :)
~ Andrea