Saturday, December 13, 2008

: Dani & Adam's Engagement Session

Dani & Adam - 10, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Orange County, CA

I'd like you all to meet Dani & Adam, they are an amazing couple that will be getting hitched in a little over a month! So we did a quick engagement session which was a blast! They love the outdoors, so we went with the wide open spaces of Orange County, and I loved every minute of it! Beautiful people and a beautiful location equals a beauty explosion! And now, some of my favorites from the day...

There are a lot of favorites from the day, but this is very close to the tops...

Dani & Adam - 01

These boots were made for walking - down the aisle - I love it!!!

Dani & Adam - 02

I love it, I think this actually a tie for my favorite...

Dani & Adam - 03

Hark, yonder the bow... Dani & Adam are so much fun!!

Dani & Adam - 04

Dani & Adam - 05

Dani & Adam - 07

Another close one for my favorite...

Dani & Adam - 08

Bingo! Favorite of the day, love the love going on here!

Dani & Adam - 09

I heart the boots! And notice the Cowboy... hello Wyoming's Ragtime Cowboy Joe! Awesome!

Dani & Adam - 14

I told you, so much fun!!

Dani & Adam - 15

Love it!!

Dani & Adam - 12

The beautiful & handsome soon to be newly weds!

Dani & Adam - 16

Mahalo Dani & Adam for being so much amazing, it was an honor!


sandie jo salisbury said...

I love the frames shots!!! these two look like a blast to hang with! perfect PS clients!!!! great job Will!

dc said...

Wow Will! SO COOL! Thanks so much :)

hootenannie said...

Ow OW, Dani and Adam! Could you two BE any more attractive? Awesome shots, Will - well done!

Will Parris said...

Sandie - you're the best! They are perfect!

Dani - you and Adam are perfect :) Thanks for the link love too!

Annie - I agree, way attractive and so much fun! Thanks for the compliments!