Saturday, December 13, 2008

: King Family

Orange County, CA

My friends Jude & Sarah, I don't know what more I can say about them besides - they continue to be awesome beyond words & their son, Josh, is getting more handsome each day. It's so great to see both Sarah & Jude around Josh and how all involved light up at the sight of each other. You may remember the Kings from one of their many shoots or mentions on the blog, next to Jess & Charlie, they are the most photographed people I have in my library! Here's a brief history...

King 1
King 2
King 3
King 4
King 5
King 6

And there's a family shoot from about 2 years back with Bosco too... Needless to say though, uber talented, amazing and all around rad! Kings rule!!

He's a man who invented the wheel :D
Sarah & Jude - Family - 01

Sarah & Jude - Family - 02

Love this one!
Sarah & Jude - Family - 03

And this one...
Sarah & Jude - Family - 04

and this one...
Sarah & Jude - Family - 05

Sarah & Jude - Family - 06

so stinkin' cute!
Sarah & Jude - Family - 07

look at that smile!
Sarah & Jude - Family - 19

Sarah & Jude - Family - 08

yeah, he's not loved at all...
Sarah & Jude - Family - 09

I love his look in this one!
Sarah & Jude - Family - 10

Little brother has some rad blue eyes
Sarah & Jude - Family - 11

love the look on this one!!
Sarah & Jude - Family - 12

Sarah & Jude - Family - 13

They make me laugh
Sarah & Jude - Family - 15

Josh is having a blast playing in the dirt, as all kids do really :)
Sarah & Jude - Family - 17

Sarah & Jude - Family - 18

Thanks Sarah, Jude & Josh for being so awesome - as always! More goodies coming tonight, shots from seconding with the fabulous Ryel J and another amazing engagement session - that's assuming the rain lets up a bit so I can drive home... feel free to keep up on my status on Facebook!

Aloha party people!


Unknown said...

The light shining through the fuzz on Josh's hair and his expression in that shot where Jude is holding him up is to die for! LOVE IT!

Angela said...

love the king photo shoot. The colors look amazing you always make people look so good! Sarah and Jude are very lucky to have a personal photgrapher as a best friend :)