Monday, December 15, 2008

: Mr. & Mrs. Casey & Aly Rising

Casey & Aly - 05, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Chart House

In November I had the great pleasure of seconding with the amazing photographer Ryel of Ryel J Photography. And saying I was lucky to help shoot this wedding is an understatement! I met up with the guys at the Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point, beautiful location and the guys were so awesome! I knew I was in for an amazing time when I walked in and saw the guys in brand new Adidas - loved it! Then they showed me the socks... sold! So I had some fun with the guys prior to heading over to the Chart House for a beautiful ceremony.

Lovin' the skinny!

Casey & Aly - 01

I love this one, so close for my favorite... in fact, we'll call it a tie...
Casey & Aly - 02

Yup, they're rad!
Casey & Aly - 03

Down for anything at all... mad hops all around!
Casey & Aly - 04

These are the amazing shoes and socks of the guys, if I had to do my wedding all over again, I'd be down for this idea for sure!!
Casey & Aly - 05

When we were walking back from the outside shoot, a lady walked by in her robe... immediately I went into the "hmmm..." mode and the guys knew what I was thinking - and were absolutely down for it. LOVE IT!!
Casey & Aly - 06

Skip ahead to the ceremony, which was beautiful - with Aly, the bride being the centerpiece of the whole day - gorgeous!
Casey & Aly - 07

Just after the ceremony, Aly giving her mom a hug, I just love the look on her face, warmth, love and appreciation... this is another favorite from the day...
Casey & Aly - 08

After stealing the couple away for a few shots... a rad wall just outside Chart House, a beautiful and amazing couple... this is another favorite...
Casey & Aly - 09

And my absolute mostest favorite, the love in this picture is phenomenal! Casey & Aly, it was an honor and thank you for being so great! Ryel - mahalo, an honor as well!!
Casey & Aly - 10


Anonymous said...

WE LOVE ALL THESE SHOTS!!!!! We were so happy to have you shooting with Ryel - you are such a pleasure and an amazing photographer!
Thank you for everything!
Aly and Casey

Ryel j said...

Simply put.... amazing work! You are the best to work with, I'm so lucky to know you!