Monday, January 26, 2009

: Conant Family

Conant Family - 08, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Downtown Disney

This last weekend, when it all of a sudden started raining, then monsoonsing... :) We did an awesome family shoot at Downtown Disney with the Conant Family. Now, if Courtney looks familiar, it's because she is the Sister of Wes, of Katie & Wes. Here she is as a bridesmaid close to year ago...


I got the chance to meet the whole family, Carlos, Ethan, Mason & Preston, and they are so much fun!! We started the day a little wet and ended it with some amazing cinnamon pretzels, and it was all fun!!

Thank you guys, you were so much fun and it was so good to see you again! And now... here's the day :)

Disneyland Hotel - awesome!

Conant Family - 01

Conant Family - 02

Conant Family - 03

Ethan was cracking me up - going, going and going, while Preston kept watching, just biding his time

Conant Family - 04

Conant Family - 05

Conant Family - 06

Future Star Wars fan :)

Conant Family - 07

Conant Family - 11

Conant Family - 10

Conant Family - 09

So adorable!!

Conant Family - 08

Of course, some parent shots are in order

Conant Family - 12


Conant Family - 13

Conant Family - 14

The reward for a day of shooting - so awesome!

Conant Family - 15

A huge thank you to Courtney & Carlos, I had so much fun!!


Katie said...

AWESOME! you did an amazing job Will, makes me miss my cute nephews and there parents even more than I already do! :) Glad you got to meet these cute kids!

sandie jo salisbury said...

vibrance... WOW skin tones... WOW!!!!!! Adorable family.. love the setting. YOu rock!

Courtney Conant said...

Will - I keep looking at the pictures. I totally love them. You did a great job and I can't wait to see that rest of them. Thanks again, we had a blast with you.