Tuesday, January 27, 2009

: Matt Vizio

Vizio - 10, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Pasadena, CA

I'd like to introduce you to Matt Vizio... magician! **I really wish I could make music go off every time someone read that word, it'd be so great!!** Matt was referred to me by the one and only James Holguin, who you might remember from their amazing wedding seen HERE (mahalo James & Zoey!!).

Matt is currently revamping his website and wanted some new pics of him for the site and for marketing. He scouted out a couple locations (love it!) and had some ideas of what he was going for. From there, we went hog wild, shooting like crazy!! Be sure to keep an eye on his SITE

And now, won't you join me on this ...wait for it... "magical" journey... won't you? hahaa, aaaahh... sorry, had to be done!

This is the first spot Matt found, and holy cow there were a ton of shots from this session that were so much fun!! Setting was A-maze-ing!

Vizio - 01

Vizio - 02

Vizio - 03

Vizio - 04


Vizio - 05

Lensbaby - holla!!

Vizio - 06

Vizio - 07

Then Matt decided to do some street magic for people that were in the alley... and these 4 ladies came up and enjoyed the show... before the magic...

Vizio - 08

This was one of 2 pretty amazing payoff shots... ladies, you were the best!

Vizio - 09

Loved the box office!

Vizio - 10

Calling it a night...

Vizio - 11

Matt, you were a blast!! Wonderful job! People, be sure to check him out!!


Sarah said...

oooohhh... those are really cool!

Anonymous said...

wow! sweet lines! holy molly lines!!! great stuff!