Thursday, February 5, 2009

: F2P2

F2P2 - 8

Fullerton, CA

A few weeks back, my friends Sandie, Ryel & I all got together for a little expedition shoot (Friday Fun Photo Phantasm, or F2P2 as I call it). This particular time, it was a shoot in the evening and getting creative with off camera flash, lighting etc. It was a blast and something I'm looking forward to doing again. So here are just a few of the fun shots that I grabbed of the fabulous and uber talented Sandra Salisbury & Ryel J.

A fun parking garage before Fullerton Police told us twice that we might want to be careful, gangs and all... so on the second time we decided to pack it up quick and explore more safe areas :)
F2P2 - 1

F2P2 - 2

Shadow fun
F2P2 - 3

I used my little flashlight for some added fun (same flashlight used in the first 3 pics too)
F2P2 - 4

This is why I want to purchase some additional flashes, so fun!
F2P2 - 6

F2P2 - 7

Sandie shooting me, shooting her
F2P2 - 9

We're going to be doing this again, so if you want to go out and shoot around, give me a holler! Ladies, a blast as always!!


Anonymous said...

SOoo RAD! I love them all! I'm gonna go work on mine!