Tuesday, February 10, 2009

: Dad

Christmas & Dad - 16

Before I begin, i must tell you that my laptop (which I do all processing / email from) is fried. it went to visit the great laptop in the sky. Hard drive died on me at 2 in the morning on Friday night / Saturday morning. Thankfully, all pictures were backed up to my server, but i lost some of the processing work. No worries though, I'm back up to speed now :)

Now, i've been wanting to post this for a while, but this is my dad. He loves racing, specifically NHRA (John Force is his favorite). When they were out for Christmas this year, we decided to celebrate my dad's birthday early and take him to K1. Not quite NHRA & 300 mph, but much safer and cheaper ;) It was a blast to say the least, and I'm hoping to go back soon with a bunch of peeps and race again, and I can't wait to go back with dad! I got lucky and beat him this time, but I think he let me, right dad?

Happy birthday Dad, thank you for all you've done for us. I love you Dad, you the man! :)

Unfortunately, Mom, Jess & Charlie didn't get to race this time... but soon!
Christmas & Dad - 17

It's time to get down and race!
Christmas & Dad - 20

Christmas & Dad - 19

Christmas & Dad - 21

These Karts move pretty good, so fun!

Christmas & Dad - 24

Christmas & Dad - 22

And me, bringing up the rear
Christmas & Dad - 23

And a few laps later, about 12 I think... or something, either way, way too short!
Christmas & Dad - 25

My beautiful wife snapped the pics on this one, a wonderful job as always :)

Alright party people, I'm hoping to get another Graffiti shot up (me, a tilt shift and two long walls of awesomeness) and get some more shots of the pig-tailed, walking, talking wonder that is our daughter this week. In between redoing one more shoot and then I'll be caught up to speed prior to the laptop crash. Time for a Drobo... :) Until then my friends, have a wonderful week!!