Wednesday, March 18, 2009

: Jenny & Owen's engagement session

Jenny & Owen - 06, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Central Coast, CA

I went up the 101 this last weekend to shoot the beautiful couple at two of their favorite spots, Avila Beach & the spot of the proposal, Montana De Oro. Being back up there was spectacular, it really is such a beautiful place, oak trees, green fields, fog (i love the fog!), it's just so great and I couldn't think of any place I'd rather shoot the beautiful couple!!

I absolutely love the central coast! When I moved from Nampa, ID (just outside of Boise), i moved to Cambria and became a Coast Union Bronco. 2 amazing years of fun and general shenanigans & tom foolery! In the last year I met Owen, always had a smile on his face, athletic and was a blast to be around. Of course, he was a Freshman and I was a Senior, but with a small school (our class had 68 graduating) you got to know people.

We started out the day at Avila, it was a wee bit windy (and by wee, I mean pretty crazy), we walked the pier (above & below, freaky below, true story!), walked the beach, climbed 30 feet in the air onto a pipe, you know, normal things :) So much fun!!

Jenny & Owen - 01

Jenny & Owen - 03

Jenny & Owen - 02

Love this!

Jenny & Owen - 04

Jenny & Owen - 05

Jenny & Owen - 06

Jenny & Owen - 08

This is about 30 feet up... they were absolutely game for it, which is always awesome!!

Jenny & Owen - 09

I think this might be my favorite of the day, hard to choose, but it has love & Chucks - bonus all around!

Jenny & Owen - 07

Jenny & Owen - 12

On our way to see if we can get into a field of yellow flowers...

Jenny & Owen - 13

Field was a bust, but I loved what we got here. Close runner up to favorite...

Jenny & Owen - 10


Jenny & Owen - 11


Jenny & Owen - 14

I <3 reflections!

Jenny & Owen - 15

Then it was off to Montana De Oro and the spot of the actual engagement. Thankfully, it wasn't freezing like it was when Owen popped the question. It was such a wonderful location: rocks, waves, awesomeness...

It was still a bit chilly, i won't lie

Jenny & Owen - 16

Jenny & Owen - 18

Another close favorite...

Jenny & Owen - 19

seriously, too many favorites!

Jenny & Owen - 17

A quick detour on the way back, I love detours :)

Jenny & Owen - 20

Jenny & Owen - 21

And as an added bonus, besides having the pleasure of their company for the day, making some beautiful pictures in beautiful locations... I was treated to lunch at Firestone Grill, soooo ridiculously good! Mmmmm, The Piiiiiiig!

A huge mahalo to Jenny & Owen, I'm so looking forward to October!! And thanks to Bryce Ashland (Owen was a groomsmen in Bryce's wedding) for coming along, chatting, hanging and helping out!

Jenny & Owen will be getting married in October and I am so stoked to be shooting their wedding!! Thanks for the wonderful day all!!

Much aloha!



Tiffany said...

Will! Always such gorgeous shots! I love the one where you're in the water, simply amazing! You are truly an artist!

Tiffany said...
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The Clan Piccini said...

That was my thought, too... the water one was awesome!

Your love for mirrors and reflections is awesome!