Monday, March 23, 2009

: Megan's Senior Pics

Megan - 07, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Fullerton, CA

This last weekend was pretty great, i won't lie :) We had the chance to see some of our wonderful family who happen to live in the NorCal area, it wasn't near enough time, but it was more than we've had together in a while, and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

I'd like you to meet my little cousin, Megan. Except she's not so little anymore, she's not the little girl sitting on a barstool at the kitchen counter with her headphones on singing to a favorite boy band from back in the day. Nope, she's now a senior in high school (woop!) and that scares me :)

So we thought why not do some fun senior pics while she was down here and when I suggested my graffiti spot, she was all over it - AWESOME!! I throw this out there a lot, not many takers oddly enough :)

Without further ado, here's my "little" cousin, Megan...

Megan - 01

Megan - 02

Megan - 03

Megan - 04

Megan - 05

Hehe, one of my favorites

Megan - 06

Megan - 08

She's trouble, don't let her fool you :)

Megan - 09

Another one of my faves

Megan - 10

Megan - 11

Megan - 12

Megan - 14

Megan - 15

Megan - 16

Meg, thanks for being up for the graffiti wall!! It was a blast to see you and the whole fam again, we love you guys a ton and miss you!

Much aloha!!



diggin your fav and lovin the coffee one! rockin sesh will!