Friday, March 27, 2009

: Fun with exposure...

Bobby & Amy - 1, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

The place - my backyard
The time - at night :)

Our friends Bobby & Amy were over the other night and thankfully, they're always up for some of my "let's try…" photo experimentation… Bobby was first up & then it was time to bring his wife out for some added fun…
Here's the set up, a tripod, 30 second's, a flash & a flashlight. Sprinkle in some running back and forth fun and let the magic happen! This is going to be fun to use in the future…
This was one of the first attempts, thank you to Costco for some delicious pizza! :)

Bobby & Amy - 1

I love this! I've been wanting to do a shot like this for quite a while now, and the opportunity for fun now is endless…

Bobby & Amy - 2

This was one of the last pictures of them I took. My original thought was afro for Bobby and some 80's hair for Amy… about a quarter of the way in I realized I had made the fro way too big, then I was just playing around. But seriously - this is going to be fun!

Bobby & Amy - 3

2 engagement shoots coming up this weekend, so stay tuned for that & then an announcement for some family shoot specials beginning in April! Until then - aloooooha!!


Anonymous said...

um... wow .. you did it! and WOW.. you ROCK!!!!