Friday, March 6, 2009

: Mr. & Mrs. Josh & Angelica Johnson

Angelica & Josh - 04

Fullerton, CA

Locale: The Muckenthaler

Back in February, I had the honor of seconding with the fabulous Ryel J of Ryel J Photography. I got to meet Josh down in the Irrrrv (or Irvine as everyone else knows it). Josh and the guys - including Ryel's hubby Dayle, were so much fun to be with! They were a riot from start to finish! In-N-Out for a pre wedding meal (awesome!), Animal Collective, rockin' Chucks, heights, slippery fingers and an improptu jam session. Yes, freakin' awesome!

The awesome continued with some sensor melting beauty. Hotness radiated from this wedding, and it was good!

Angelica & Josh - 01

Angelica & Josh - 02

They ruled! No safety ropes here
Angelica & Josh - 03

rad shoes & sunglasses - well done Josh, well done indeed!
Angelica & Josh - 04

Angelica & Josh - 06

Proud father
Angelica & Josh - 07

Angelica & Josh - 08

Angelica & Josh - 10

Angelica & Josh - 11

Angelica & Josh - 12

Angelica & Josh - 13

Since they're celebrities, I thought this was more than appropriate - they rock!
Angelica & Josh - 05

Angelica & Josh - 14

Cha-ching! :)
Angelica & Josh - 15

Love it!!!
Angelica & Josh - 16

Mahalo Angelica & Josh, it was sensor melting amazingness!
Angelica & Josh - 17



weddings with chucks = win

Sarah said...

gosh, i wish you were doing photography when Jude and I got married. Fabulous... as always!

Josh J. said...

Will! You are awesome, man! Thanks for helping freeze this day in time for us! Your images will forever be with us. I appreciate all you did and the laughs we shared! Josh

...gigi... said...

wow, will, these turned out great! thanks for capturing some awesome shots of my guy :-) glad you were around to share the day with us and to help us make it last!
angelica johnson :-)

Ryel j said...

Shooting with you is a honor! Seriously so cool :). Thanks for always bringing the Mahalo spirit and snapping some stellar images.

Will Parris said...

Josh & Angelica / Gigi, it was my absolute pleasure, you guys were so much fun! Ohana's right, Chucks = win for sure! :) Thank you guys for being so awesome to work with!

Sarah - there's always the renewal :) Maui anyone? hahaaa!

Ryel - much mahalo for having me along, the honor was mine! It was a blast as always, so much fun and such beautiful people :) Always good!!