Wednesday, March 4, 2009

: Sunset, Charlie & Amanda

Sunset - Newport
Sunset - Newport, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Aloha party people, it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm jammin to music and thought in between the 10 other things I'm doing at the same time, I'd throw this post up real quick. The sunset was from today, or yesterday the 3rd. Taken from the 3rd floor of my current client in Newport, such a beautiful view. I'm going to be enjoying it for the rest of the month since that assignment will end on the 31st of March. Good times, so hopefully I'll have a job to roll off to, so any prayers are appreciated :)

This last weekend, we had the distinct pleasure of seeing Charlie's NICU nurse, Amanda! She and her hubby Paul moved out to Denver over a year ago, and they have a beautiful baby boy named Hayden after my favorite and their favorite Star Wars character, Darth Vader (pre dark side of course).

Or not, but still, good thought right!? :) Sorry guys ;)

All the NICU nurses were great, but Amanda was our primary and was absolutely wonderful to deal with, and she is to this day a wonderful friend. So much so that Jess was there to photograph the birth of their first child, and from the pictures I saw, my wife did an awesome job!! Amanda, it was so phenomenal to see you!! Thank you for taking care of our baby girl for 2 months when we couldn't be there! Our little miracle thanks you tremendously, as do we!

Charlie being a butt at this moment, whatabust!

Charlie - 2

Charlie - 3

And of course, our little girl enjoying a typical morning - Elmo Chair, Gigantor Elmo, USC Blanket, and reclining watching "Treet" which is her version of Sesame Street. Posture is very reminiscent of college and my roommate Dallas. You've taught her well Dallas, Metallica, SRV and this. She's well on the way :)

Charlie - 4

Last, but not least... Charlie coming over and hanging with me whenever I bust out the camera. She takes pictures too, we'll have to get a video of it and put it up. So rad!!

Our little miracle!

Charlie - 1

Aloha all, it's 1:50, time to hit it. I have numbers to crunch in the morning - woo! have a wonderful night & a wonderful week!!


Sarah said...

I can't believe how big charlie looks in that last photo... she's a little girl! Time flies.

The Garcias said...

Oh my goodness gracious Will, that little girl of yours is so precious! I LURVE that last photo. What a sweet lil face and beautiful eyes! You are a blessed man indeed.

Will Parris said...

It really is scary how fast the little nugglet grows up! Don't be fooled though Jessica, she's a tricky little one and half year old :) Way too smart for her own good... and ours for that matter! Ha!! Mahalo!!