Tuesday, April 7, 2009

: Mr. & Mrs. Kyle & Kirsty Henderson

Kyle & Kirsty - 17, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Dana Point, CA

Kyle & Kirsty are legendary! Absolutely amazing people with such passionate hearts for change! Throw in the ridiculous good looks & awesome personality and it becomes the stuff of legends, fairy tales you tell your kids. But unlike some other legends where people say "it's true, I was walking in Dana Point and saw Kyle & Kirsty with my own eyes!", there's proof in the form of pictures.

Slight exaggeration... nope.com. They're all awesome, all the time! And as a side note, beware of fighting with Kyle... he'll win, just trust me :)

I had the friggazin' (friggin amazin') Sandie of Sandra Salisbury Photography with me as a partner in the documenting, and as always, it was an honor!

And now, the one, the only, the legendary... Mr. & Mrs. Kyle & Kirsty Henderson, but be warned, this is a long post...

If you want to add instant awesome to your wedding, just sprinkle in a tasty helping of Chucks!

Kyle & Kirsty - 03

Kyle & Kirsty - 02

Who's getting married...

Kyle & Kirsty - 04

This guy...

Kyle & Kirsty - 51

Kyle & Kirsty - 05

Kyle & Kirsty - 06

Kyle & Kirsty - 07

Give your eyes a warning...

Kyle & Kirsty - 09

Kyle & Kirsty - 10

Kyle & Kirsty - 11


Kyle & Kirsty - 12

Kyle & Kirsty - 14

Kyle & Kirsty - 15

Kyle & Kirsty - 16

Kyle & Kirsty - 17

Kyle & Kirsty - 18

Kyle & Kirsty - 19

Beach time!

Kyle & Kirsty - 21

I absolutely love the reactions in this shot!!

Kyle & Kirsty - 22

Love it!

Kyle & Kirsty - 23

And then it got fun... If you notice the faces below, you'll see that some of them realize a wave of soakiness is fast approaching - with my camera about 2 inches from the water...

Kyle & Kirsty - 24

Thankfully, all were good. I like to think I shielded most everyone from the water... but we did get a bit wet, and I have to admit - it was pretty awesome!

Kyle & Kirsty - 25

Hi Grant!

Kyle & Kirsty - 26

Kyle & Kirsty - 29

Kyle & Kirsty - 30

Kyle & Kirsty - 32

Kyle & Kirsty - 33

Kyle & Kirsty - 37

Kyle & Kirsty - 38

I love it!

Kyle & Kirsty - 39

I think this might be my favorite of the day...

Kyle & Kirsty - 40

Sorry ladies, he's taken!

Kyle & Kirsty - 41

Sorry fellas, she's taken!

Kyle & Kirsty - 42

Or this as a favorite...

Kyle & Kirsty - 43

Or this...

Kyle & Kirsty - 44

How am I supposed to choose!? :)

Kyle & Kirsty - 45

Kyle & Kirsty - 47

Kyle & Kirsty - 49

Adios amigo y amiga! I hope you're having a blast on your cruise!!

Kyle & Kirsty - 50

Kyle, Kirsty, the whole bridal party, family & friends were amazing and it was an honor to be there! Much aloha to all involved in the absolutely amazing day!!

Slideshow to be up later with some more details of the day :) Be sure to check out Sandie's blog for her amazing images too!! Until next time - aloha & mahalo!!


The Clan Piccini said...

Such great pictures, Will! I like the ones with the sun in the background, I've always been a fan of the sparkle it gives. :o)

Anonymous said...

saaaa - weeeeeet!!! I cant even believe how amazing these all are! WHAT A DAY! WOW- so much fun. never even felt like work. Great couple and entire wedding party.

Anonymous said...

What an honor it was to perform this incredible uniting of 2 hearts and lives into 1. And you did an awesome job of capturing those moments! It was my first beach wedding... and if I ever do another one.... I'm suggesting you as the photographer... or should I say... "memory embracer..." Great job!

Will Parris said...

Thanks all!! Much aloha!!


beautiful couple and awesome images all around! really diggin the 25th b&w from the bottom. don't ask, lol.